I wasted away my day sleeping- feeling like I have sleeping beauty syndrome – ya look it up- it’s fkn real. Anyway- my fkn dog ate damn near a whole plant while I was sleep and now he’s sad he has to stay in his play pen for the rest of the night because of it. 

My boyfriend is off in la la land loving his vacation while he awaits his new job when he gets his new job. I’m so happy for him – just wish I could be with him enjoy the vacay. 

I am home because I had to make an adult decision for myself instead of saying fuck the world with a long dick – as Kendrick Lamar says in one of his many loved songs of mine. I rather be home buggin then ruining the fun for others. — bug girl panties big big girl panties – fk it why not right. I meant by no mean am I a big girl and there is nothing wrong with being a girl – it’s the phrase people use for doing adult things- ugh I hope you guys know what I’m talking about. 

I’m irritated right now. I miss my man – I miss miss him. 

Also – another peak into what’s going on in my mental is that I wish I could throw the fuckin door off of a particular persons room and say just let’s not talk for the rest of the night. 


Something lite….

I’m still wandering to what magnitude do and if ppl do understand the effect they have on ppl. The 3 men that raped me when I was 13 have an effect on me to this day and I’m 27. My mother called me an ingrate at the age of 8 and it still effects me today to the point that I make sure I go out of my way to show my thanks and appreciation for what people do for me. This morning I had a breakdown to my boyfriend because one of my exs said something to me over 5 years ago that effected me today- fortunately my boyfriend of today and forever was there to pick me up and assure me that my ex was incorrect and he made me feel better or shall I say- he showed me the reality of what my stupid thinking was…

Today was visit at the psychiatrist office – nice fuckin office I say to myself going on. She’s my new dr but every time we met in another room with a resident. Now if I judged a book by its cover I’d say she was just there for the $$$ hence the sweet ass office- but damn I have a good dr. Got some meds adjusted-…. sucks. I have to sit out on a nice little thing these next couple of days but it’s in my best interest… and not to be a Debbie downer if anyone were to be coming. 

So today was something lite but something heavy at the same time, had awesome time and talk with my boyfriend,  productive day. But this is the mind of Cindy Shuuu so I must say, I have been purposely not hitting up certain friends to see if I even get noticed that I haven’t been in their fuckn lives… it hasn’t bothered me at all though because I’m loving focusing on myself… also , I no longer think I’m dying, I think I just have a awesome pet. 

I think that taking each hour by the hour is really helping me a lot. I feel so selfless when I am with my family. The little ones , I’m really looking forward to this adjustment in meds. 

I have an old friend I don’t speak to anymore cause their dumb ass got caught doin dirty and I told them to stop but they got caught up, I just pray they don’t use drugs over it and die. Other than that , I really just have to be selfish right now cause I’m in a really fragile spot in my life and like I’ve stated In another blog, no fucking body is going thru my life for me but me- and fortunately I have family support. Point being is I gotta do me! 

Another and then another and then another and then…… 

So today – complete and utterly not how I wanted it to go. It started how I wanted it to- I got a text from my boyfriend, woke up early, had breakfast, was excited and anxious about my morning/afternoon at wellness center- then a fkn flow. I ultimately made it to my mindfulness group and it was like ripping bandaids off wounds one after another after another after another…. I could barely keep composure but I did not cry during the group. A lot of the topic for today’s group was about worry and also being listened to and communicating in relationships and I just felt horrible. Like thinking of my relationship and listening to other people and them have the same problem n stuff it just made me feel very low. It got me sad cause there was this lady who was talking who said she really try’s to listen but you can tell by body language and how a person looks wether they are listening or interested and I felt like I had egg all over my face … like I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Body language can say a lot about a person. So I’m at the point in my day where I’m just feeling low. The group touch on a lot of topics that hurt. 

I truly wish that people understood me, maybe took the time to listen and respond instead of react. I hated today’s group because it had to do with a lot of problems I already have and I did not expect that- I mean I really didn’t know what the fuck to expect… I’m like really trying to move on with my day and give myself credit for not walking out that room and saying fuck this I’m not doing this damn group. Maybe I am strong cause I face my problems instead of sweeping them under the carpet or lying to ppl n telling them I’m ok now when I’m not. Im not a coward. But I damn sure don’t wanna talk about it all day. 

One of my many bottoms

Well hello there- haven’t been writing what’s on my membrane on here in a while. So with my luck I lost my job and I highly think they did it in the fashion they did it because I have mental illness and took days off because of it. I could have sued but I didn’t. 

Lately – as in the past two months I say- I’ve been comfortable with the idea of dying- NOT COMMITTING SUICIDE- but being comfortable with the fact that if (my belief) God came to me and said let’s go Cindy, I woud say ok, with no fear. As this is weird because I have always been afraid of dying, always wanting to die at an old age so I didn’t miss anything or so that I could enjoy my loved ones company forever – all that unrealistic shit. 

Lately I’ve just been trying to get my mental together and it’s fucking hard. I think people close to me who know what I’m going thru think I’m fine because of a laugh here and there or a joke I’ll say here and there but no one knows what it’s like to be in my shoes or shall I say , in my head.

My life has been a fkn journey and I’ve been trying my hardest to do the right things to help myself. I’ve been putting expectations on people closest to me to understand or not get so mad at me but then I have to realize I’m the one mentally ill , they aren’t – so they don’t have to understand shit. I just have to deal with the consequences of my actions and reactions caused by my mental illness that are voiced onto my loved ones. 

I feel like any day now my boyfriend is just gonna up and leave me for the simple fact that because he’s never dealt with this this shit is just something he did not sign up for and does not see a future for us living this was even tho I’m trying my very best to get better- making all my appointments and exercises I’ve learned and trying to respond and not react. I’m not perfect but sometimes I feel like he thinks I’m just way too much. My boyfriend isn’t perfect but I had had it already in my heart and mind that I am in this for the long haul but he sent me an email saying that he’s worried about our future, so I guess I just got stuck again being the one with the stronger feelings. 

My friends I feel like have abandoned me but my heart is ice in that area and I do not want to let anyone in. … I try to be there for my friends as much as I can- meaning via text phone w.e I can cause I don’t have a car. But shits been barely reciprocated and that hurts that it’s a repeated offense by more than one person over the years. Truly makes me want to isolate .
My boyfriend informed me that when I talk to him about other people or shit that has nothing to do with us he just doesn’t care and tunes out. That hurt my feelings just for the simple fact that I did view him as my bestfriend – I mean even couple on tv humor each other n act like their listening- … so I guess I’ll be letting what’s on my mental out more here… because I legit have no one to go to. I trust no one, I’m tired of worrying my family , and God never has a flowing back to back conversation, at least not with me. 

It sucks to feel alone and be in a relationship and have a therapist and a supportive family and such. But have rules in your relationship, see your therapist once a week and have serious issues to work out and can’t turn to ur family cause you’re sick of being the odd ball of the family giving everyone fucking ulcers concerned about you and your life.

Saturday Morning

I’m struggling this morning- I have so much good going on and I’m just struggling. I don’t feel like I’m lost, I do feel like I’m moving up in life and moving in the right direction but I feel like today I just wanna have fun. I just want to have a fun weekend. I don’t know if that consists of me sleeping all weekend which absolutely sounds like an awesome idea 💡- or impulsively shopping when I know I shouldn’t – not so much a good idea but it sounds fkn fun-  anyway- I did warn you. This is what’s inside my mind . I just never say it out loud. 

I can’t pretend to be ecstatic and jumping off the roof happy right now cause I’m not – I’m like all over the place in my head and at the same time no where in my head. Fk me. 


I go to a place where people have been to hell, they know hell … they’ve lived it day In and day out. 

Most people think that hell is a hot place but my hell was cold. I hate the cold. I guess that’s why I try to see the bright spots in the dark days – because I’m not in hell anymore. My bad days aren’t hell. They are just bad days … once you’ve been in hell- you don’t wanna go back – but the crazy thing is … and I know this sounds crazy…. sometimes parts of the hell seems appealing enough to wanna go back… and I forget about the cold… I hate the cold. 

I’m grateful I’m not in hell anymore. No I wasn’t sentenced to hell, no one put me there , I put myself there. Fortunately a power greater than I helped me out. 

I recently sent a text saying it’s cold as hell … and I literally meant cold as “hell” cause for me … hell was cold. 

Random- I know – but this is the inside of my brain- I did warn you. 

I just wanna….

I just wanna relax…. 

I just wanna hit the pause button..

I just wanna put silence on max….

I just wanna freeze the mourn..
I love to be loved

I love to love 

I love to be happy 

I love to be unconditional In my relationships 

I love to be hugged 

I love to be a part of 

I would absolutely love to be glued to his hip 

Why does it seem that pain is my muse and happiness dulls my imagination? Is it just that as I have lived a life full of pain- and a life of substance that consists of more happy times than pain means that my imagination, my inspiration is gone?

I just want to be me. A billion questions I have that will never be answered. It’s okay though because I love to be happy, I love to be loved, and I love to love. And damn – I wish I could be glued to his hip.