Monday ;) -_-

Hey all- so it’s Monday… anddddd like most over the world, I’m on my way to work. This morning I feel completely drained from my half ass food poisoning yesterday and just feel like sleeping but I have a busy day  ahead of me and thank God I have therapy today. Ya know– I always used to dread it but now @ my age and where I’m @ in my life , I realize I need it. And I accept that. 
But on another note , ran out of one of my meds yesterday that help my stomach and wondering if I should fuck with coffee today or stick with tea. Hmmm… love my coffee tho… 


Rainy Sunday?

This is the post excerpt.

Hey guys, so this is my first post to my first blog in the day of my life. This weekend by far has been amazing. But nonetheless — it’s a rainy Sunday AND that hasn’t stopped my mood from being positive and up beat which hasn’t always been the case my entire life. I’m down by the beach this weekend enjoying my time with my soulmate.  I actually have nothing negative to say today — at this moment anyway. I’m just going to try to stay in the moment and grateful. Be back guys !