The Steps To Life You Didn’t Know[]]]][[[]]]~~~~~~~~<

It’s not a mindfuck- it’s just reality, maybe a part of your mind you have yet to tap into….

In life no one at all can teach you from the beginning how to beat equip you on how to handle what is that is going to come your way during your duration on this planet.

The steps of Life are Love. Sounds complex but when analyzed, it’s quite simple. Everything that happens in any type of relationship in your life has to do with love.

You and your partner argue- one way to look at it is they love you and because they love you – they have exhausted their energy time and attention to argue back.

You get fired from a job- another love, God loved me enough to take it away and place me in a process of healing that was way overdue

Love – your friend calls you upset: they love you enough to trust you

Just a few examples because I can go on for a lifetime. I never said that an abundance of love was in each step in your life but that damn sure is either love or lack of love. But mostly love. Love is even in fear.

Remember, don’t stress because even if you feel like you aren’t loved, you are loved by you, because you keep pushing urself to get up everyday and pushing through .. pat yourself on the back. You’re human and have love.


The Cycle…

I was always curious about this planet I reside.. this generation I was born and grow with … my surroundings that seem to mock uncivilized beings who fake it till they crack and shit themselves from the vein they have popped in their forehead due to lack of an ounce of anything “genuine” about them …

I love this picture because I get lost in it. It makes me feel like it is an attainable destination where I am alone and high. High off of my surroundings not of a man made or grown substance but literally off my surroundings.

I feel as though my life lately has been a big rubber band ball collection of spiritual experiences. Only to thank God, but that is not the point of why I am letting what’s in my mind out tonight. I’m merely doing it because I can. See- there is no one in this world , no one, who I can talk to and know that I am 100% fully understood in every quirky and psycho and goofy and off the wall way. I am me and me is me. I gave up on friends trying to understand me. Friends don’t have the same magnitude of caring as I do so why even try… again. Just a wasted broken record.

I used to love when ppl would say “I’m a unicorn” I thought that shit was epic…. I would be like wow I totally with I had that attitude instead of being busy beating myself up about something I said that might offended someone 2 weeks ago.

I feel like the more the days pass, I feel more than I can take tiny steps. No one ever said to me IM A UNICORN WHO TAKES THW WORLD BY STORM. I like to see myself now as a unicorn who takes the world a moment/situation/event at a time. And I am still a mtherfkn unicorn.