I go to a place where people have been to hell, they know hell … they’ve lived it day In and day out. 

Most people think that hell is a hot place but my hell was cold. I hate the cold. I guess that’s why I try to see the bright spots in the dark days – because I’m not in hell anymore. My bad days aren’t hell. They are just bad days … once you’ve been in hell- you don’t wanna go back – but the crazy thing is … and I know this sounds crazy…. sometimes parts of the hell seems appealing enough to wanna go back… and I forget about the cold… I hate the cold. 

I’m grateful I’m not in hell anymore. No I wasn’t sentenced to hell, no one put me there , I put myself there. Fortunately a power greater than I helped me out. 

I recently sent a text saying it’s cold as hell … and I literally meant cold as “hell” cause for me … hell was cold. 

Random- I know – but this is the inside of my brain- I did warn you. 


Author: CindyShuu

I am ready to let it all out.

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