Once again- hitting the brick wall…

So tonight was a rough night for me. I was so torn up inside about some things going on. I did a lot of reflecting – but I realized— I keep hitting this same fkn brick wall: I expect things to be the same forever n then when they’re not, I go into panic mode. I tunnel and tune in on things and watch patterns closely so building a case takes time but today the case was completed.

I don’t know all the answers in life. I don’t know nor do I have power over what other ppl do and think of me. So, I had to get humble, reflect more so.

When someone comes to me with a complaint who I love, I try my best to change that behavior n I could names some off. But tonight I didn’t get that from someone in my life and that hurt because I am always up for their constructive towards me and ultimately I want to see them happy. 

Sucky Friday. Maybe a better Saturday — i don’t know. It just sucks when u want ppl to do the same as u like reflect or be receptive and listen and try better. Cause I know the people I love deserve the best. 

Life’s unfair — so is everything else that makes up life. 


Author: CindyShuu

I am ready to let it all out.

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