Snow – Wons

It’s snowing today and for some reason I feel off … like something is different in me. I feel like something is lacking but I am infamous for my over analyzing and I did have some crazy dreams last night that I guess I just haven’t shaked off yet. 

On top of that a family member hurt their leg, n then they hurt it again the other day so they have To go for an MRI and it sucks cause they aren’t getting any younger. And I don’t want this to be the start of physical ailments in their life.

Today I have off from work and I guess I feel off from that too because that’s my usual schedule… yea I know — you’re probably thinking is she crazy it’s a day off paid, but in reality — I am accustomed to certain schedules and ways that I do things and NO ITS NOT OCD!.  I think my puppy can tell I’m off today too cause he is really really under me… it’s just weird how the body works how the brain works how things are signaled to make you feel a certain type of way. It’s just all fkn weird. I feel like drained somewhat. I feel like… idk .. I feel like a good bubble bath may do me some good and some music 🎶 🛀. On that note . Chao!


Author: CindyShuu

I am ready to let it all out.

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