Relaxation – Sike 

So I’m on my way home and end of thinking to myself what the fuck am I giving birth- worst period in the world , then I stop on the side of the highway to throw up – then I have to use the bathroom and I’m like is this really all happening right now ?? I have to go to work tomorrow — this shit better be over within like the hour! So I text my bestie and she’s like maybe food poisoning but I’ve never had it before so idk what to expect… fortunately soup and gingerale has helped… but I swear while I was in the car I shit myself which thank God I didn’t and I thought I was giving birth which at the moment in my life thank God I was not. So I’m like should I have my morning coffee at work tomorrow or leave it alone ?? I refuse to leave work early tomorrow because I have the runs…. just sayinnnnnnn……


Author: CindyShuu

I am ready to let it all out.

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