Netflix– cool! Work–Shhh!!!!!!!

So, I got a job a fairly small office which I enjoy and the gentleman that sits across from me is a trump supporter and a heavy Christian believer and church goer — nothing wrong with that because everyone is entitled to have there own opinions and such .. this is a place … I say shit that stays in my head.. so we are all talking about series on Netflix and series on tv and I’m like omg someone says ” Shameless” and some other shows and then I was literally about to say to the church guy ” did u watch the new serious ” exorcist?!” But I keep my mouth shut … yeaaaaa wrong person to ask. But it tickled me. Cause I was literally about to jump into that conversation and blurt it out … and this is the guy who listens to Christian music all day at his desk .. smh .. good job Cindy Shuu! 


Author: CindyShuu

I am ready to let it all out.

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