Monday ;) -_-

Hey all- so it’s Monday… anddddd like most over the world, I’m on my way to work. This morning I feel completely drained from my half ass food poisoning yesterday and just feel like sleeping but I have a busy day  ahead of me and thank God I have therapy today. Ya know– I always used to dread it but now @ my age and where I’m @ in my life , I realize I need it. And I accept that. 
But on another note , ran out of one of my meds yesterday that help my stomach and wondering if I should fuck with coffee today or stick with tea. Hmmm… love my coffee tho… 


Relaxation – SikeĀ 

So I’m on my way home and end of thinking to myself what the fuck am I giving birth- worst period in the world , then I stop on the side of the highway to throw up – then I have to use the bathroom and I’m like is this really all happening right now ?? I have to go to work tomorrow — this shit better be over within like the hour! So I text my bestie and she’s like maybe food poisoning but I’ve never had it before so idk what to expect… fortunately soup and gingerale has helped… but I swear while I was in the car I shit myself which thank God I didn’t and I thought I was giving birth which at the moment in my life thank God I was not. So I’m like should I have my morning coffee at work tomorrow or leave it alone ?? I refuse to leave work early tomorrow because I have the runs…. just sayinnnnnnn……

Netflix– cool! Work–Shhh!!!!!!!

So, I got a job a fairly small office which I enjoy and the gentleman that sits across from me is a trump supporter and a heavy Christian believer and church goer — nothing wrong with that because everyone is entitled to have there own opinions and such .. this is a place … I say shit that stays in my head.. so we are all talking about series on Netflix and series on tv and I’m like omg someone says ” Shameless” and some other shows and then I was literally about to say to the church guy ” did u watch the new serious ” exorcist?!” But I keep my mouth shut … yeaaaaa wrong person to ask. But it tickled me. Cause I was literally about to jump into that conversation and blurt it out … and this is the guy who listens to Christian music all day at his desk .. smh .. good job Cindy Shuu! 

Rainy Sunday?

This is the post excerpt.

Hey guys, so this is my first post to my first blog in the day of my life. This weekend by far has been amazing. But nonetheless — it’s a rainy Sunday AND that hasn’t stopped my mood from being positive and up beat which hasn’t always been the case my entire life. I’m down by the beach this weekend enjoying my time with my soulmate.  I actually have nothing negative to say today — at this moment anyway. I’m just going to try to stay in the moment and grateful. Be back guys !